Hyper-target your VIN-specific video advertising. Watch now.


VINtvTM is an /AI/-powered video marketing platform tailored to your unique campaign objectives.

The /AI/-powered platform will automatically:

  • Populate high-definition video ads based on campaign-specific details
  • Identify shoppers exploring similar units in the area
  • Flag when shoppers show legitimate purchase intent
  • Serve your ads on the most effective video platform for shopper conversion

A car unseen is a car unsold

Today’s shopper does a third* of their auto research via smartphone, and over 75%* of shoppers are influenced by the presence of video. Dealers cannot fully reach today’s consumer without tapping into the mobile video market.

Meet shoppers wherever they are

VINtv is powered by the LotLinx Data Network which tracks over 3 million active websites, including major listing sites, news outlets, social channels, and you and your competitor’s inventory and pricing. If someone is shopping, we know about it.

When a shopper shows legitimate purchase intent for your inventory, LotLinx artificial intelligence will serve your VINtv advertisements wherever they consume video media.

Our /AI/-powered engine will auto-populate video advertisements based on campaign-specific make, model, pricing, and incentives. All advertisements will direct to your dealer locator page, new or CPO inventory pages, request a quote, or any chosen landing page for a turnkey buying experience.

Your campaigns, your way

Work with a dedicated strategist to build campaigns specified to your sales needs.

Start marketing VIN-specific video ads today